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The Evening Sky


The Evening Sky

Stars flash as the moon gleams so bright;
In the cold winter night of December, with you, it feels so right.
Soft embrace and sweet kisses – the gentlest deed you can do
And the wind starts to dance, I know it’s true.
Leaves scatter as the breeze blows us away yet your hold is strong.
Just lookin’ at each other’s eyes, between us nothin’ will go wrong.
Lights are seen in every town
From this hill, turns me out to be a princess with a crown.
As we lay on the verdant grass, whisper me three words I only hear
Then you put rosy periwinkles on top of my ear.
So peaceful as we expect to be –
All I hear is my heart pounds when you stare and begin to kiss me.
Can’t wait for the next days anymore
Contented I will be, oh, nothing that I could ask for more!
Black heaven seems right, better than the blue sky,
‘Cause after this starry-eyed moment raises the sun.

Love, Anna




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