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Rare ❥ Still and Calm

I have a rare, deep connection with water from beaches to falls, rivers to lakes. Isn’t that obvious yet?

These photos reflect how I view and embrace water, most especially beaches. Looking at them is enough to relax me.  Oh, yes, it’s definitely much better if it’s a firsthand view!

A stunning view like this is a great way to escape the chaos of a busy city, daily ordeals at work or some personal struggles. Or maybe, you just need to reward yourself. You should! After all, everyone deserves some break. Relax, enjoy the sun and just be grateful.

Unless you are a full-time globetrotter, holiday vacation to most people is rare compared to the common 9 to 5 schedules. I used to have vacation once a year only. Before I celebrated my birthday this year, I realized life is short and time flies really (like seriously) fast. It felt like you’re just learning how to ride a bike the other day. I still remember the full name of my crush way back when I was kindergarten, the face of the boy who I’ve shared my first kiss with, and a lot of funny and wonderful memories while growing up.

What I’ve recently thought of is that I should be able to travel more and take advantage of the freedom and resources I have. While most of my friends are popping out their second babies, I’m here thinking about what to put on my long “where-to’s” list. Soon, this rare thing becomes more frequent. Fingers crossing!

Grandpa and Baby

Grandpa and Baby by the Beach


Love, Anna




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