photo challenge

Photo Challenge

My PHOTO CHALLENGE project is a monthly featured post highlighting other travel and style/fashion bloggers through their shared TRAVEL or STYLE photos with short narrative. Each month has a new theme (this page is updated monthly) and every participant must follow the basic instructions in order to qualify.

Absolutely FREE to join (no fees, charges, etc.)!


Why am I doing this and why should you? I want us to be inspired by each other’s challenges and basically support one another.

1. Additional exposure for your blog (backlinks, Instagram post, Pinterest),
2. Be included in a Twitter account (@TSbloggers) that advertises your blog posts on a weekly basis*, &
3. A challenge for yourself as a blogger – gives you an idea for future posts

*If participated and included on the blog post, free blog advertisement on Twitter for a month.
So if you participate each month, you’d be included every month!’

What/How to Send an Entry?

All interested participant must send the following to & please write the challenge title (for ex. “First Travel Challenge” or “Floral Style Challenge”) on the subject line:
1. 1-2 best photos (min. size 800 x 600; max. size 1024 x 778 px),
2. short description telling the details of your experience/outfit (min: 100 words, max: 250 words; UK/US English),
3. First Name,
4. Instagram and Twitter, &
5. *Blog URL or Post Link (if you have written about it and published in a single post within a year, much better),


One (1) entry only per blogger each month
No featuring of animals used for tourism (exploitation/abuse/cruelty)
No nudity/violence
*Starting this June, I will only accept blog that has a unique domain (no or If you wish, you may buy a domain here.


Monthly Themes 

TRAVEL bloggers:
May 2017 – “FIRST Travel Challenge
June 2017 –


May 2017 – “FLORAL Style Challenge” (Deadline: May 28, 2017)
June 2017 –