Bucket List

Top 5 Countries on My Bucket List


5. Norway – Sweden – Finland

Northern Lights. Period.

4. Australia

This used to be my number one. Sorry mate, it didn’t work between the two of us. But still, it’s a country that offers diverse tourist spots, just like the Philippines. I crave to see Whitsunday and Pink Lake. Also, hug a koala (and never let go).

3. Switzerland

Since I was younger, I’ve been seeing breathtaking photos of this country from the Alps to the flowery countryside. It does look like a paradise. Not to mention, it’s the largest source of chocolates and diamonds – who wouldn’t love those two?

2. French Polynesia (Bora Bora)

This is my dream honeymoon or maybe a wedding destination (fingers crossed). But even for just a 24-hour “no special” occasion, I’d take the opportunity.

1. England

There’s something (or two) about this country that just sweeps me off my feet. I consider myself an anglophile actually. If I’d have a family of my own, I want to raise my children there. If still single in 10 years, I’d still wanna settle there. However, I might not quit thinking of the possibility that I meet my prince charming there, haha! I’m a dream chaser after all.