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The purpose of this note is to reveal the simple yoga poses I’ve been doing for the past few months. My only aim is to have flat abs and bigger (stronger) glutes. Keeping my heart healthy and blood flow normal is a plus. Since some have been asking me about this, and if you’re curious, here you go!

I begin my workout routine by skipping. I prefer skipping backwards. It helps stretch my arms much better since I sit for hours when working (mostly facing the computer).

The next poses can be performed in any order.
squats (parallel and plié ;10 reps each)

wall push ups (10 reps)

jumping lunges (5 to 10 reps)

back leg lift (10 reps each leg)

side leg stretch (10 reps each leg) – I use a table or the back of a bench for support instead of the ground floor.

sit ups (20 reps)

Finish it off by performing another round of jump rope exercise.

Total time? 15 to 20 minutes only (the longer, the better).

Here is the summary:

1. Skipping (100 counts)
2. Squats(20 reps)
3. Wall Push Ups(10 reps)
4. Jumping Lunges(5 to 10 reps)
5. Back Leg Lift(10 reps each leg)
6. Side Leg Stretch(10 reps each leg)
7. Sit Ups(20 reps)
8. Skipping (100 counts)



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